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Umphreville Block

Since 2015, the River Valley Company has participated in the ownership and operation of a commercially zoned property in Riverdale called Little Brick Café. After careful restoration, the building has been operating as a café/workspace/event space and has been a great success winning numerous awards, gaining international press and most importantly becoming a regular destination for Edmontonians and visitors to the City alike.

In the fall of 2019, we will expand our real estate portfolio to include a new development on another commercially zoned property at 10158 90th St in the same river valley community of Riverdale. This property has been purchased by the RVC, and during the summer and fall of 2017 we held numerous community consultations to ensure everyone with input on this project has been heard and their concerns and suggestions are listed to.

The building has been designed and development and construction permits have been issued by the City of Edmonton. We will begin construction this spring with expected completion in the spring of 2020.



This development will include 500 sf of retail and hospitality space on the main level, 2500 sf of office space on the 2nd level, two 600 sf residential units on the 3rd half story and 900 sf in the basement.



The building will be located at 10158 90St. Edmonton, AB. 

For more information on tenancy in the building or investment opportunities in this project please contact  

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